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 OMFG! what hapen to my account :((

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OMFG! what hapen to my account :(( Empty
PostSubject: OMFG! what hapen to my account :((   OMFG! what hapen to my account :(( Icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2008 8:27 am

[color=violet]Admin pls retrieve my every time i log in my account it promps "No such account"..GAWD,
these are the following i do in my account :
1. I go to CP
2.then i click lost password..,because i want to get my password #2...& want to delete my other char i created.
3.then i type my password and e-mail.
3. then the message says something like *password sent*(forgot)
4.the VIOLA,i log in my char. the it promps *NO SUCH ACOOUNT*

PS:Please help me Admin Ishi to retrieve my password.
and my ID is : vain

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OMFG! what hapen to my account :((
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