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 Chatbox Rules!!!

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GudBye Demon
GudBye Demon

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Chatbox Rules!!! Empty
PostSubject: Chatbox Rules!!!   Chatbox Rules!!! Icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2008 6:45 am

1.respect other players in CB specially ADMINS,GM's and FM's
2.dont put Admin,GM or FM on ur name if ur not a staff
3.dont put animated icons on ur name
4.dont talk about other private servers bad words in CB including ur name
6.dont blame on Admins,GM's and FM's if u banned, its ur fault flooding in CB
8.Admins,GM's and FM's are too busy dont blame if ur question is not answered
9.dont try to copy the names of Demon Ran Staffs

GudbYe Demon Ran Extreme... tnx 4 everything...
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Chatbox Rules!!!
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