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 In Game Rules

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GudBye Demon
GudBye Demon

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PostSubject: In Game Rules   In Game Rules Icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2008 6:47 am

1.respect Demon Ran Staffs
Penalty:1 week BAN

2.respect every players in GAME
Penalty:1 week BAN not ask for any items or golds in any Demon Ran Staffs
Penalty:1 day Chatblock

4.No botting!!!
Penalty:BAN 4ever/IP BAN not scam any players in-GAME by any means\
Penalty:BAN 4ever

6.Kill Stealing (KSing) is not permitted
Penalty:1 day BAN not impersonate a Demon Ran Staffs
Penalty:BAN 4ever/IP BAN

8.hacking the server in any ways or by unwanted programs will be severely punished
Penalty:Ban 4ever/IP BAN not give ur passwords on anyone

10.No Lost/Scammed/Hacked items will be given back by the Demon Ran Staffs.

If u found someone disobeying the said rules, pls get a screenshot and post it here in the forums or if a staff is online dont hesitate to PM us...

GudbYe Demon Ran Extreme... tnx 4 everything...
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In Game Rules
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